The Cedar Room

The former main dining room of Acacia Country club, the newly remodeled Cedar Room has large windows, white woodwork, a high ceiling and a fireplace. The patio runs the length of the room and offers beautiful views of the park.




The Oak Room

Adjacent to the Cedar Room, the Oak room is trimmed with dark wood and features a beautiful oak bar. With the doors closed it serves as a private room for up to 60 people. With doors open, it adds to the Cedar Room to accommodate up to 220 guests. The Oak Room also has porch access and large windows that bring great views of the park.



The Buckeye Room

The former Men’s Grille of Acacia Country Club, The Buckeye Room has its own bar and a walkout patio. As a private room, 25-80 guests can be accommodated. A set of doors that can be opened to the Oak Room allow the Buckeye Room to be added to our other rooms for larger functions.